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Student Awards

We are happy to announce the call for submissions for DipTrace Electronic Student Awards - electronic hardware design competition open for all level university and colledge students (undergraduates and postgraduates) and student teams, who are passionate about electronics.


Submit your electronic design project and get a chance to win 1500 USD cash prize and DipTrace software licenses for free. No restriction on the field of application or country of origin.

The audience selects the winner with online voting held at the DipTrace Facebook page. The voting is open for all registered Facebook users.

  • I prize – $1500 USD and DipTrace Full licence.
  • II prize – DipTrace Full license.
  • III prize – DipTrace Extended license.

*each team member gets a separate software license. 

Submission dates: 1 OCTOBER 2016 – 4 JUNE 2017
Voting: 5 JUNE 2017 – 26 JUNE 2017
Winner announced on 27 JUNE 2017

Submit your Electronic Design
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Rules and conditions:

1) Only for graduate and undergraduate students or teams of no more than 5 people plus 1 faculty member.

2) Provide valid contact information including the name of the university/colledge, faculty (at least one email address that you monitor).

3) Provide project summary (around 300 symbols).

4) Provide more detailed description of the device (application, design, innovations, benefits comparing to available on the market today), no more than 1300 symbols.

5) Provide schematic and pcb layout of the device (image files are OK, if you don't want to share all the details).

6) The pictures (jpeg, png or any common image format) and Youtube videos will potentially draw more attention and get more votes.

7) Participating projects will be posted at DipTrace Facebook page and may be promoted online.

8) We accept projects on various stages: schematic, PCB, working prototype, but consider that working prototypes with demo videos usually have much greater chances of winning.

9) One participant or team can submit only one project.

10) The cash prize will be transfered to your PayPal account.

11) The cash prize won by a team will be distributed to the team leader designated on the entry form.

12) The license keys will be sent to your (team leader's) email address.

13) Each team member will be issued a separate software license for the corresponding DipTrace edition.

14) If two or more projects will get the same number of votes, the project with less team members wins.

15) If two or more projects will get the same number of votes and has the same number of team members, the project submitted earlier wins.

16) Earlier published projects may be submitted if not violating any rights of a previous publisher (if any).


Legal Notice

1) All federal, state, local, municipal, income, and other taxes (if any) are the sole responsibility of the winners.

2) Notice, by submitting a project, a contributor warrants to the DipTrace, that all his work (including the design and pictures) is accurate, original, and does not violate rights of any person/company/publisher. The contributor also warrants that he or she is the creator of the project submitted, or has the right to publish it.

3) DipTrace has the right to reject publishing your contribution on its own discretion. DipTrace has the right to publish and promote the contribution online on your behalf, crediting the author respectively.

4) The participating team-leader is responsible for sharing the prize with other team members.

5) The organizers of DipTrace electronic contest are in no manner whatsoever responsible and/or shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever, for any injury, death, mental and/or emotional trauma caused to the participant(s)/winner(s) in any manner whatsoever, in relation to the contest.