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by Jack Easton
17 Jan 2022, 21:49
Forum: DipTrace PCB Layout
Topic: 4 layer PCBs (w/power & ground planes) - step-by-step??
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Re: 4 layer PCBs (w/power & ground planes) - step-by-step??

The Working with Layers tutorial section does not describe how to connect through hole vias to different plane/signal layers in a 4 layer board. You need better documentation or a YouTube video showing a real example of how to do this. I doubt I am the only one confused on how to do this.
by Jack Easton
21 Jan 2021, 13:22
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Text color black issue
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Print black text from black background screen

100% agree with Exality. PROBLEM I recently upgraded from Full 3.x to I use the black background schematic screen with manually added text set to silver for visibility on the screen. On ver 3.x silver was visible on a black background screen and printed in black for color or B&W prints makin...
by Jack Easton
17 Mar 2012, 21:57
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: use of large modern screens
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Re: use of large modern screens

I agree with Fenichel. Grid dots disappear at high zoom levels (1920x1200). They are too small to see. CorelDraw allows selection of dots or lines for grid (menu graphic attached). By selecting lines you can always see the grid at high zoom. DT should have separate settings for snap to grid ON/OFF a...