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by inventorgeorge
08 Dec 2019, 21:03
Forum: Basic Schematic and PCB Design
Topic: router won't route GND - which is a different class than default
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router won't route GND - which is a different class than default

I have a board that I have routed several times. Each time, I move some components around, then reroute. no issues. I have all nets as default class except GND, which I set to wider than default. Never a problem. Now a did another route [shape router], and did not get 100%. So just to see, I tried t...
by inventorgeorge
22 Jan 2017, 21:08
Forum: DipTrace Schematic Capture
Topic: Multi-part components not working right
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Multi-part components not working right

I created a part - a quad amplifier in a single package. No problem there. My schematic uses 4 of these parts. I laid out the schematic, now I am trying to rearrange the designations so I get best use of the quad packages. In one case, I set an amp to be U1.3. That shows up in the properties box. Bu...
by inventorgeorge
19 Jan 2017, 21:08
Forum: Making Libraries in DipTrace
Topic: Library lockout
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Library lockout

I made a component in a library I call usercomponents. I had no problem. Now, I am trying to get back into that same library to add another component and I get a warning box saying that I locked the library out for changes. How do I unlock the library, and why did this happen? After completing the c...
by inventorgeorge
13 Oct 2016, 14:12
Forum: Making Libraries in DipTrace
Topic: File blocked from changes
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File blocked from changes

When I open a library to add or edit a component, I get a warning that the "file is blocked.... do you want to open a copy..?"
I am ending up with multiple copies of libraries, instead of a single library.
What am I doing wrong that opening a lib causes it to be blocked?

I am using DipTrace 3
by inventorgeorge
13 Aug 2011, 14:35
Forum: DipTrace PCB Layout
Topic: Finding odd drill size
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Finding odd drill size

I just complered a large board, with a lot of components. Everything is done. I went to export the N/C drill file, and WHOOPS - some part somewhere has an odd size drill. Short of checking every component on the board, how do I find that one part with the odd drill? What would be great is to select ...
by inventorgeorge
10 Jun 2011, 15:22
Forum: DipTrace PCB Layout
Topic: Issues or future features?
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Issues or future features?

I have been using DT for some time, and generally am quite pleased with it. However, here are a few issues that cause me considerable extra work. 1) I design a schematic, convert to PCB, layout all the components, route , then do the hand work of resizing certain nets such as power, etc. that then r...