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by bobdaspit
20 Jan 2022, 20:29
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Diptrace 4 Blurry on Mac
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Diptrace 4 Blurry on Mac

I just installed the latest version of Diptrace on a Mac, and now the component selection list looks blurry. I've tried changing between Open GL and Direct3D with no change. The launcher looks blurry as well, as does Layout. Schematic and Layout are also very slow loading. DipTrace 3.x was totally c...
by bobdaspit
07 Oct 2018, 15:36
Forum: DipTrace Schematic Capture
Topic: Schematic shapes won't print
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Re: Schematic shapes won't print

Same problem here...

Diptrace (but had the same problem with previous versions)

Mac OS 10.10.5 Yosemite

Will send example to tech support
by bobdaspit
18 Jul 2015, 22:00
Forum: Forum Suggestions and Feature Requests
Topic: Feature Request - Pattern Eraser
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Re: Feature Request - Pattern Eraser

Alex wrote:Eraser is not possible in DipTrace. But we plan to add a feature that will automatically cleanup silkscreen from pads before exporting Gerber files.
Hi Alex,

Was this feature ever added? Thank you for your time.