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by KevinA
01 Nov 2019, 10:39
Forum: DipTrace News and Events
Topic: Dip trace donation
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Re: Dip trace donation

I felt guilty using this product for free, I bought the Standard version and have since upgraded until I reached the Full version. I have no use for more than the standard version, who can afford >4 layer boards for a hobby?
Next will be the 25% upgrade to version 4...
by KevinA
20 Oct 2019, 23:16
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: MacOS 10.15 Catalina Support
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Re: MacOS 10.15 Catalina Support

What's the ETA on a native macOS version, please? Check out $79 and it is designed to run Windows 10 on 10.15 Catalina I can't see DipTrace EVER justifying the outlay to produce a 'native' MacOS version of DipTrace, were still waiting on bug fi...
by KevinA
14 Oct 2019, 10:52
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: 4k monitor display bug
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Re: 4k monitor display bug

When I got my 4k 27” display I expected more. In full resolution, the text is very clear, but also quite small and therefore useless for me with my middle age eyes. I suppose a 50” monitor would solve that :) Another problem I discovered was that menu icons were very small, and I could not find a w...
by KevinA
11 Oct 2019, 14:36
Forum: Shared Libraries
Topic: Địa chỉ mua nồi nấu phở bằng điện giá rẻ nhất thị trường
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Re: Địa chỉ mua nồi nấu phở bằng điện giá rẻ nhất thị trường

And what does "Address to buy the cheapest electric noodle maker in the market" have to do with Shared Libraries?

When will someone at DT cancel the spammer linhnt account?
by KevinA
04 Oct 2019, 18:32
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: Tổng hợp giá máy làm chả lụa gia đình mới nhất hiện nay
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Re: Tổng hợp giá máy làm chả lụa gia đình mới nhất hiện nay

Summary of the price of the latest family spring roll making machine?
I thought DipTrace was a PCB software tool!
by KevinA
24 Sep 2019, 12:28
Forum: Making Libraries in DipTrace
Topic: Annular ring pad with drill hole
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Re: Annular ring pad with drill hole

1) Create a drawing with the two needed concentric circles for the pad in your favorite 2D CAD program (or use the DipTrace PCB Layout editor) and save as a DXF file. 2) Import the DXF file into the Pattern Editor using the following settings: DXF Units: (same as DXF file units), Import Mode: Add ,...
by KevinA
29 Aug 2019, 13:00
Forum: DipTrace News and Events
Topic: DipTrace 3.3 Release
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Re: DipTrace 3.3 Release

I also find 6 month a little bit much, with basically not any words at all of any improvements or so. We are preparing version 4.0 Some of already included improvements (not all): 1. Multiline text 2. Roundrect and D-shape pads 3. Free rotation angle of pads, components, text - without changing com...
by KevinA
24 Aug 2019, 10:15
Forum: PCB Manufacturing Questions
Topic: The IPC-2581 standard?
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The IPC-2581 standard?

I received an e-mail detailing all the advantages of IPC-2581 such as one file to build a project but my issue is theft of IP, how do you send out everything required to produce a product and not have it stolen?
Is DipTrace looking into/at an IPC-2581 Export?
by KevinA
18 Aug 2019, 11:04
Forum: Other questions and issues
Topic: Archiving Projects
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Re: Archiving Projects

Same as TomG but I have the DipTrace 3D images on my Terabyte drive and all the other diptrace WORK files on c:\diptrace. Archive is the Windows File History, on major projects I use export ascii and GIT for file versioning.
by KevinA
14 Aug 2019, 14:23
Forum: Making Libraries in DipTrace
Topic: New Computer, new install and library transfer
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New Computer, new install and library transfer

I installed the latest Diptrace and registered it without a hitch, copied my C:\Diptrace working folder that contains all my libraries and projects but discovered I was missing the configuration files for Diptrace to know where everything is located. I found a C:\ProgramData\Diptrace folder and copi...