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by PaulNewf
21 Jan 2016, 15:39
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Part Renumbering
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Re: Part Renumbering - by selection

This feature has been requested in the Community but I do not see it here: The ability to renumber all the selected parts in a schematic, or all the parts on a page, starting with a user entered value. I second this - renumber just the selected components (for numbering different sections or blocks...
by PaulNewf
20 Jan 2016, 10:32
Forum: DipTrace Schematic Capture
Topic: Schematic - Drawing, Titles, Sheets
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Schematic - Drawing, Titles, Sheets

How do I draw non-electrical lines in Schematic?
How do I copy my saved Titleblock and Sheet formats to a new schematic? (I can't find where those are saved, and I'd like to be able to share to another designer)