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NE555 vs LM555?

Posted: 17 Jan 2022, 22:37
Hello! This is small talk about NE555 and LM555.
In fact, many people ask what difference between NE555 and LM555, or are they interchangeable?
After reading an article( ... 55?id=1111) which talks about their differences, in my opinion, they are from different manufacturers but have the same model.
The prefix of the integrated circuit represents the manufacturer, the middle number is the model code, and the suffix generally represents the temperature, package and other characteristics.
The functions of NE555 and LM555 are exactly the same, except that the former was produced by the NEC Corporation of Japan in the early days, while the LM was originally produced by the National Semiconductor Corporation of the United States.
Good listeningļ¼Œ welcome your ideas!