I was deceived?

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I was deceived?

#1 Post by FSPCBA » 19 Aug 2022, 06:04

Hello everyone, I suspect that I have been deceived. Let me first introduce the cause of the matter.

about myself

I just joined a PCBA company and my job is a website operations specialist. This is my first contact with the PCBA industry. You know it takes a lot of text to do this kind of B-side website, and as a novice I can barely write anything.

the cause of the matter

Originally, the company provided me with a PCB engineer, but due to the sudden surge in the company's business in July, no one helped me, so I spent money to find a copy editor online. He owns a PCB blog site and I thought he was a practitioner in the PCB industry. He helped me edit the content about PCBA testing, which is this article:
I still trusted him when he first sent this article to me. (Because I understand PCB knowledge)
So I continued to hire him and let him write articles for me. Last week, I asked him to help me write 8 PCB articles, and I found many problems:

The original intention of I asked him to write this article was to help more people in need make their own PCB business cards, but he copied other people's content (not to mention the correctness of the content).

This is the version I changed, I thought it was wrong before I changed it

I won't list the others

I would like to ask you to help me see if there are many mistakes in the content on my website, and of course I am willing to pay for it.
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