New to PCB - Help?

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Re: New to PCB - Help?

#11 Post by ginog1 » 01 Dec 2012, 01:59

Recently I placed an order with E-teknet, they have prototype specials for 2/4/6 layer boards. I ordered four 6-layer boards (6 inches x 5 inches) for roughly $360 with shipping & handling included. I looked around the net and I couldn't really find anything better, so I recommend E-teknet (, give it a try if you're only looking for prototyping boards, their mass volume prices aren't bad either. I highly recommend them!!!

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Re: New to PCB - Help?

#12 Post by AOWEJWr » 09 Apr 2013, 04:12

Hi Guys,
Im looking for a 'Bus Connector' PCB is power connector pcb
from the back of the Hero2...and pcb usb connector provide by snecma

I have another thread on here detailing the reasons behind the request/accident, but suffice to say if anybody has one of these (surviving) bus connector PCB's from a destroyed hero2 that would otherwise be binned, please let me know! would be very much appreciated!

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Re: New to PCB - Help?

#13 Post by rea5245 » 26 Mar 2015, 09:54

angelageorge wrote:I need to order some Printed circuit boards for my business and looking out for vendors who have an immediate online quotation on their website.
Check out It is a price-comparison site I created for PCB manufacturing. You enter your board's specs and it shows you the prices and delivery times from over 20 different manufacturers in Asia, North America and Europe.

As for quality: there are Amazon-style reviews of many of the manufacturers, written by visitors to PCBShopper.

PCBShopper is supported by paid advertising, but companies do not pay to be included in the price comparison. The companies in the price comparison are chosen based on whether I think they would be of interest to my users (I look for well-known manufacturers, manufacturers in different parts of the world, and manufacturers that offer different price structures. And of course, they must all have on-line quote forms that PCBShopper can use to fetch prices.)

- Bob

Techno Tronix
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Re: New to PCB - Help?

#14 Post by Techno Tronix » 09 Aug 2015, 04:16

Hello angelageorge,

From my personal experience we have been working with from last 15 years and they have been good in terms of turn around and over all build quality of my products, we did start with them from prototype and also they have done bulk manufacturing of us in many occasions. Overall we have found them responsive.

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Re: New to PCB - Help?

#15 Post by dscpcb » 11 Sep 2015, 05:13

Hi Ginong , For the future requirement would like to suggest a company called Dashunchang Electronic Co., (, a technology enterprise, specializing in single side PCB, double side PCB and multilayer PCB ,focusing on fast PCB prototype and PCB mass production .One of the largest PCB prototype manufacturers, our daily prototype capacity is more than 3000 models.
Customers can track the status of their PCB orders at any time in there PCB Online Quote System (, including placing PCB orders online.
A technology enterprise specializing in single sided PCB, double sided PCB and multi-layer PCB Visit :

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Re: New to PCB - Help?

#16 Post by Molly » 09 Oct 2015, 01:23

Long back ago I had an experience with one of the PCB manufacturer in CA, they provide quick PCB turn time as less as 24 hour. I had my first PCB prototyping from there & now I used to order my PCB from there from last 10 years. I found them very responsive.

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Re: New to PCB - Help?

#17 Post by pcbachina » 28 Jul 2016, 08:27

Liandajin electronic company limited ,we are over 10 years PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen City China . we are good at high mix orders L/T within 5-7 working days.

1-20 layers PCB with FR4, Aluminium base laminate, High TG board, Halogen free, Our PCBs was applied to Automotive ,Communication ,Industrial,Consume etc.

We had cooperated with some very famous client many years, like as EPSON ,HP,SIEMENS,BROTHER, GRAKON, etc.

Our factory have complete QSM , like as TS16949, ISO 9001, ISO14001, GJB 9001B , UL certificate.

Welcome to visit us at and, E-mail:

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Re: New to PCB - Help?

#18 Post by Numb1929 » 19 Oct 2016, 04:42

Printed Circuit Boards 1-70L(PCB)
Flexible Printed Circuited Boards(FPC)
Printed Circuit Board Assembly(PCBA)
Rigid PCB 1‐70L
Rigid Flex Pcb 4‐12L
Printed Circuit Board Assembly 1-70L
Hdi To 3+, Stacked Micro Vias, Copper Filled
Blind/Buried Vias, Sequential Lamination
Via‐in‐pad, Conductive Or Non‐conductive Fill
Special Materials, Hybrid Constructions
Metal Back Pcb And Heat Sinks
Heavy Copper Up To 6 Oz


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Re: New to PCB - Help?

#19 Post by KevinA » 21 Oct 2016, 10:55

Good stuff mcgyvr, this "Just placed our first order with this company and were impressed with their pricing. Again top notch quality,etc... - Proto Panel Deal" explained what I think OSHPark is doing, they bundle boards together and handle the shipping and organizing. Well worth it to me since I'm getting prototype's built that can't be had without buying developer tools for hundreds of dollars. Between OSHPark and OSHStencil projects are getting done without breaking the bank.

and Bob
rea5245 wrote: Check out As for quality: there are Amazon-style reviews of many of the manufacturers, written by visitors to PCBShopper. - Bob
The thing that is missing is total cost of per board with shipping combined. What I pay OSHPark for a PCB with free shipping and PCBway at $35 makes a huge difference in cost per board.
The China PCB market is very competitive, some of those negative reviews have to be from competitors, who orders the same broad made by 5 PCB builders? The other improvement is to list what is acceptable to get a PCB built: Gerbers? Eagle? PADS? I find a lot of vendors neglect to list acceptable PCB file source. Thanks for the site Bob, I read the vendors AD's since most of them I've never heard of.
It would be a good thing to give a DRC file for DipTrace to vendors and verify they can accept DipTrace exports without issues.

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Re: New to PCB - Help?

#20 Post by Ahou » 03 Feb 2017, 03:48

mcgyvr wrote:Be warned.. you will pay more for a circuit board that you got from a company that has on-line real time quotations versus companies that don't.. The online quote companies are typically for prototypes,etc...
I do not agree with mcgyvr about PCB manufacturing price usually be higher for companies with online quotation. Highly experienced PCB Manufacturers have the capabilities to offer online PCB quotation for small Qty and large volume based on their years' experience, and they should be responsible for the online price their calculators provided, what matters to their price set should be circuit boards quality & lead time.

I'm with PCBCart (this is by no mean to advertise), and we offer TWO PCB Price Calculators - one for PCB Prototyping and one for Mass PCB Manufacturing. For our Mass PCB Manufacturing price calculator, we calculate the mfg fee based on the basic circuti spec and customer selected lead time. You can get a rough PCB mfg fee for circuit boards with impedance control, gold finger, via in pad, half-cut/castellated Holes and many other advanced options. You can get instant online quotation for any quantity of circuit boards by yourself 24/7/365.
Engineers from PCBCart - a supplier of PCB Fab & Assembly services for companies of all sizes.

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