What are the requirements for TFT LCD used in cars ?

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What are the requirements for TFT LCD used in cars ?

#1 Post by Brayden » 04 Apr 2022, 08:55

First of all, the working environment of a car is relatively complex. The TFT LCD used in cars needs to adapt to different natural environments. The car will be exposed to the sun in the summer, the temperature of the car compartment is very high, the electronic components inside the car must be able to work with the car, not a problem. In some northern areas, it is so cold in winter that ordinary LCD screens do not work. These times need to resist the high and low temperature of the LCD screen, for the owners of the display of driving information, escort.

While working normally under an extreme temperature environment, the highlighted LCD screen also needs to be visible and waterproof under ultra-bright direct sunlight. Besides, GPU and the display screen of the liquid crystal display module will be heated in the process of use. The higher the resolution of the LCD screen, the greater the calorific value.

Therefore, finding or developing hardware products suitable for use in the in-car environment and matching a set of hardware environments that meet the requirements of vehicle use are also technical difficulties for the r&d team. For these reasons, the resolution of a car’s display is more conservative than that of a mobile phone or TV.

Now the LCD technology has become more and more mature. Today, liquid crystal screen is more and more widely used in the car. Liquid crystal screen has been able to completely meet the changing working environment and working requirements of the car. LCD screens have made a big shift in the way cars are used. As soon as technology enters the manufacturing industry and finds its way, it moves quickly.

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Re: What are the requirements for TFT LCD used in cars ?

#2 Post by rjoytek » 09 Aug 2022, 02:09

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