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Template for inverted text and symbols

Posted: 28 Aug 2019, 05:40
by d1wang
If you like your PCB to look good, this project is for you.

This is an ongoing project for inverted text in DipTrace: file on Google Drive

A preview:
Letter preview.png
Why this project:
  • Due to limitation of Gerber, it is very difficult to put artwork on a PCB, especially if the artwork is small
  • If you use copper pour trick to create inverted text, the closed region in letters like "P" and "o" may not fill correctly. (For this project, I have to manually add filled circle for 9 and 6)
  • If you want to do fancy trick such as gold text (text solder mask on copper pour), having templates make life a lot easier
  • Previewing your artwork would be easier too
The characters are similar to DipTrace's 8pt vector characters, but a bit narrower. Everything is lined up to 0.2mm grid, so alignment should be easy.

If you would like to have any character/symbol (but not copyrighted logo), please drop a note here.

Re: Template for inverted text and symbols

Posted: 28 Dec 2019, 09:27
by MiG_Foxbat

I was wondering, would it be possible to have Russian Cyrillic characters added? Some of them are even already present in the Latin alphabet (A, B, E, K, M, O, P, T, X) so there's no need to add them a second time.