Motorola 68xx series ICs

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Motorola 68xx series ICs

#1 Post by cleavet » 06 Nov 2021, 22:39

Hi everyone,

I've created a retro component library for Motorola's 6800-series ICs, including the 6800, 6801, 6802, 6805, and 6809 MPUs as well as a number of peripheral chips. The contents are a (large) subset of the contents of Motorola's 1981 Microprocessors Data Manual from the Internet Archive ( ... l_80083566). These components are perhaps of interest only to retrocomputing aficionados but creating them in DipTrace was a good exercise in component and pattern creation.

My standard for creating these was to put all input pins on the left-hand side of the IC and all bidirectional and output pins on the right-hand side.

I'm sure there are plenty of errors and omissions but I hope this library is useful and I welcome any comments or suggestions. Thanks!

Tom C.

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