DipTrace Team has the question to our users

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#101 Post by mortadaalsonni211 » 14 Jun 2018, 16:23

Dear sir
I would like request Diptrace to add siemens SAB 80c517 AN 18

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#102 Post by protezoid » 24 Nov 2018, 00:39

Everyone seems to have a basic library with personal add-ons needed for their circuits and it would be great to have a collective library. Something like a link to send user created components that the Diptrace team would supervise for quality control and add to the current library. The user would get constant library updates, that would grow fast and it would be fun to contribute. Maybe even give a reward system for contribution and reduce the amount for future Diptrace upgrades. I worked in a 3D gaming company for 6 years, every 3D artists made all kinds of 3D objects for specific games but there was never a sharing of these models between teams and projects over the years. Too much information separated over too many computers. One day i proposed to make a catalog of all objects made by all artists and classify them in a collective folder and everything changed. People were trilled to see their work added to a collective library that made their work after more easy and faster.

Diptrace should also collect the vast user created library and not let this precious information isolated.
My suggestion would be to have a more visual collective presentation of components in the software, not just click one by one over hundreds

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#103 Post by d1wang » 02 Dec 2018, 23:27

Please add a "Description" field to all components.

Libraries for chip resistors and ceramic capacitors. If possible, split to precision, general purpose, and power resistors. Could be any manufacturer. Better to have value, tolerance, and power rating defined ahead of time than to have nasty surprises later.

More Hirose and JST connectors, please.

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#104 Post by Tantrum » 05 Dec 2018, 13:29

I noticed it has been a long time since anyone posted in this topic, but I would like more specific vacuum tube types, like: EL34, KT88, 6922 with attached pattern for the footprint.


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