Ungrouping components

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Ungrouping components

#1 Post by jimfouch » 28 Sep 2022, 21:20

Is there a way to disallow DipTrace from ungrouping a component down into it's basic pads and shapes? I was working on a design with a 144 pin processor and I had tried group it with it's bypass caps. I then attempted to ungroup it and went one too many. Before I knew it, I had 144 pads that were no longer part of their component. I had not realized this until I had done several dozen other moves. By this time it was too late to use the undo command.

Just wondering is there is a way to prevent this in the future. I really can't see the need to ever ungroup a component from its basic design.

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Re: Ungrouping components

#2 Post by Tomg » 29 Sep 2022, 08:32

It sounds like you may have used "Group into Component" when grouping components together. Use "Group" (Ctrl + G), instead. To separate components that have been grouped together, use "Ungroup" (Ctrl + Alt + G) instead of "Ungroup Component"...
You could lock the component to prevent its accidental ungrouping (right-click on it and select "Lock Selected", or use Ctrl + L), but that would also prevent it from being moved.
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