Components (RFM95 / ESP8266-Lolin V3)

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Components (RFM95 / ESP8266-Lolin V3)

#1 Post by JeroenDeBuffel » 21 Aug 2016, 07:04


I have been using diptrace for simple PCB layouts but all very basic.
Now I would like to design a PCB board which is a bit more complicated and has the following main components:

- RFM95W
- ESP8266-dev (Lolin V3 - 30 pins)

Have not been able to find those components in the default library. Is there an easy way to get access to more components in diptrace.
If there is no easy way I might have to design the components myself but I guess these components are out there :-)

Thanks a lot,

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Re: Components (RFM95 / ESP8266-Lolin V3)

#2 Post by Tomg » 24 Aug 2016, 12:46

Attached is a compressed folder named that includes my versions of the ATMEGA328P-AU component, TQFP-32-7x7 pattern and companion 3d Model STEP file. After placing these files in your custom library folders, use the Library Setup tool to get DipTrace to recognize them. Next, you'll have to link the 3D Model to the pattern using the Pattern Editor and then link the pattern to the component using the Component Editor. Feel free to move the component's pins around to suit your requirements. Finally, double-check everything before using. I cannot guarantee proper pinouts, fit or fire resistance.
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