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Newbie that needs help...

Posted: 18 Sep 2017, 13:08
by TommyR
I'm trying to lean using the free DipTrace.

I'm at the schematic.
Can't even find a generic Op Amp.

Do I look for it while in the schematic area or in the component editor?


Re: Newbie that needs help...

Posted: 18 Sep 2017, 14:07
by Tomg
A search can be performed in the Schematic Editor. If you only need a symbol there are four variations in the "Symbols" library (look for "AMPLIFIER"). These are only schematic symbols without attached patterns, but you can attach a pattern if required.

If you need a specific manufacturer and part number, you can use the search filter to find a matching part that might be in the standard libraries. In the Place Component window on the left side of the screen, left-click on the Filter panel (below the Library Tools panel) and enter the necessary search info in the fly-out Filter dialog window. Additional search parameters can be enabled using the [+] button.

I recommend going through the included tutorial for at least 45 minutes every other day. This will get you up and running sooner than you realize. There is also a "Video Guided Tour" located here -