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BUilding a PCB around a 3D model

Posted: 16 Oct 2017, 16:38
by Spankybus
Hey Mates,

I am a super newb, building avionics for a cockpit simulator for myself.

I am using a 6-position rotary switch (NKK) that I have a cad model for, but cannot find any importable design elements. I am designing my avionics case and such in 3D Studio Max and my PCB's in dip trace. I can bring in the CAd model into 3DS max and design everything around it, but my PCB hole layout for said switch requires some radial array setup that I do not know how to make in dip trace.

my question is, can I bring in a 3D Model and design PCB elements around it, specifically the via holes for the switch? If not, how would one go about arranging a hole layout for a round switch? ... 33-MRK206A

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide :-) Will continue to look for relevant tutorials, etc. So far, nada.

Re: BUilding a PCB around a 3D model

Posted: 17 Oct 2017, 13:52
by Tomg
Use the datasheet for the pattern dimensions and double-check your work by attaching a 3D model to the pattern. There is always a chance that the datasheet will have errors (even the 3D model), so you may want to triple-check your pattern's dimensions against an actual part before using it in a PCB (print the pattern to paper actual size). See the illustrations below for one example of how to create a circular pad array in the Pattern Editor with a diameter of 12mm and an angular pitch of 15 degrees...

Re: BUilding a PCB around a 3D model

Posted: 17 Oct 2017, 15:53
by Spankybus
Wow! Thanks a lot! Will get right to it :-D