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Help about track width

Posted: 02 Feb 2018, 16:12
by Pietro63
Good evening everyone. I am very happy to use Dip Trace even if only a few days ago.

I have a problem: I have to change the width of some tracks (at the moment they are for example, 20 mils). They must become at least 200 mils, as they bring power.

If I change the width of the net, of the single segment or of the entire track, the new trace become too wide (good for my purpose) but short-circuits the whole component (for example a TO220 transistor).

How to change the width of the track automatically but - near the component pad - it must reduce its size / width.

I hope you can understand my question/problem, thanks for your answers and your understanding.


Re: Help about track width

Posted: 04 Feb 2018, 12:12
by Tomg
For an existing trace...
1) Add a Node to the trace near the crowded pin.
2) Right-click on the newly-formed segment connected to the crowded pin, choose "Segment Width" in the pop-up menu, select "Custom..." in the fly-out menu, enter a new width in the Select Width dialog window and click on OK.
3) If desired, move the Node to adjust the length of the narrow trace segment.

Here is a demonstration video...
p.s. There is also an automatic necking feature in DipTrace that will do this for you while you are routing a trace. To make sure it is enabled...
1) Click on "Route" in the Main Menu of the PCB Layout editor and select "Route Setup..." in the drop-down menu to bring up the Route Setup dialog window.
2) In the Route Setup dialog window click on the [Settings] tab, make sure "[x]Neck-down Traces for Small Pads" has been enabled (box is checked) and click on OK.

Now, after starting a trace on a crowded pin with the first mouse click, press the "w" key to choose the desired default trace width and then continue creating the trace. You should notice that after you move away from the crowded pin area the trace will expand to the width you chose and there will be a short, "necked-down" segment connected to the crowded pin.

Re: Help about track width

Posted: 04 Feb 2018, 17:31
by Pietro63
Hi Tomg, thanks a lot for your help and suggestions !!
Now everything is clear thanks again, we update here for !!