Clearance for traces penetrated by through-holes

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Clearance for traces penetrated by through-holes

#1 Post by rustygutter » 16 Aug 2018, 09:31

I’m working on my first board. It’s 4 layers, populate by both SMD components and numerous through-hole components. My intention was to use the inner layers for higher-power, wider traces. Because space is tight and I’m having to jam components as close together as possible, I hoped that putting wide traces in the middle layers would avoid the overlap issues that would inevitably occur if everything were on just two layers. My problem is that I have a lot of through-holes that are causing interference issues with the middle-layer traces. I had hoped/expected that there was some way of setting a clearance value that would automatically add a clearance to through-holes that penetrate wide traces (or pours) of other layers. But if the feature exists I cannot find it.

My question really has a few parts:
1) Can DipTrace automatically provide clearance on through-holes so that intermediate layers don’t touch?
2) If not, what is the easiest way to go back and add clearance to traces/pours penetrated by through-holes?
Or do I have to re-route intermediate layers away from penetrating through holes?

Since a picture is often better than words, I created a simplified example (with only 2 layers) to demonstrate the issue as clearly as possible:
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