Review my PCB

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Review my PCB

#1 Post by pcbgogo_dph » 19 Sep 2018, 06:01

Hi guys, I just started on PCB's design, I made my first one for my robotics group to make wiring easier and help control a lil robot, it worked, but some problems came in, like when digital sensors are high, I cant read analog sensors, I think it may be due to the lack of a ground plane maybe? I also had to use only one layer, as I only had access to a cnc that does one sided pcb's.

It uses an esp32, some conections for sensors, leds, motor driver, diodes, caps, resistors for leds and a buck regulator.

Could you please help me doing a feedback of it?

I'm planning to complete my production at PCBGOGO. When I first registered, I actually got a $20 coupon for free.
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