2 layers PCB review

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2 layers PCB review

#1 Post by pcbgogo_dph » 24 Oct 2018, 02:23

This is my first design, I'm a self learner. I chose KiCAD as my EDA because it is open source.

I have made a working prototype on a breadboard and I would like to get a PCB for this simple circuit.

I'm using a Blue Pill (STM32) as my MCU. The goal is to control a stepper motor using a DRV8825 driver, and have two buttons to control the rotation of the motor.
I have aligned mounting holes on a millimeter grid to make the enclosure mechanical design easier.

- I have made motor supply traces wider to avoid heating, the motor draws about 3 amps and the trace are 2 mm wide (I will manufacture with 1 oz copper layer).
The driver and blue pills are "flying" because I'm going to use female sockets to make sure I can recycle the components in case I want to reuse them elsewhere.

Any input is much appreciated :)

Second version
Thanks a lot for your invaluable input!
What I have done:

- I have moved all power/high current traces to the back.

- Replaced the LM78L05 by a LM7805 that will be able to dissipate more heat.

- Added a ground copper plane on the top and a via.

- Added some silkscreen text near the connectors.

- Made signals tracks a bit larger (from 0.25 to 0.4 mm).

- Moved the right mounting hole closer to the barrel jack to reduce stress on the barrel jack connector when plugging/unplugging the power supply.

- Changed the buttons pins and used the closest pins available to reduce trace length.

What I still need to to:

- Improve the connections between the two boards, I don't know how to do the mousebites yet but I'm sure I can find some tutorials.

- Try and use female sockets so that I have a better 3D view.


I plan to go with PCBGOGO for my first PCB, they are able to do the thin plated slots for the barrel jack so I should be good.
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