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Vss and Gnd Net conflict

Posted: 05 Apr 2020, 20:47
by rovman
I have two components (my own from my library) on a schematic. The 'ground' pin on a PIC U2 is called Vss and on an L298 U3 is called Gnd.
Diptrace gives Error - Short Circuit: Net 8, U2:Vss - U3:Gnd
Re-naming the U2 pin to Gnd, or anythig else, stops the error. The L298 even had the +5v pin named Vss from the data sheet but this was not the problem, it is now V+
I have two similar schematics using the same components. One gives the error and one doesn't.
Naming U2 Gnd and U3 Earth there is no error but naming U2 Gnd and U3 Vss gives Error - Short Circuit: Net 8, U2:Vss - U3:Gnd. There is a U1 with a Gnd pin as well.
Any thoughts? Why would Diptrace care what the pin is called? It could be an input like AN1

Re: Vss and Gnd Net conflict

Posted: 22 Apr 2020, 00:08
by fi2eewill
you need to define the Power / Ground pins for short circuit. By default, it's V* and GND*. The * denotes a wildcard

This is why Vss and GND are giving the Short Circuit error.
This can be changed under Tool > Electrical Rule Setup

I add "+" in front of power nets, makes it easier to see and fixes SC error :)