Pads Pattern for different PCBs

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Pads Pattern for different PCBs

#1 Post by sairfan1 » 14 Sep 2021, 16:57

I'm back to DipTrace after a long time, previously I had an issue with diptrace not sure if that is solved in newer version (or may be i did not know how to do that)

For example I created a Pattern 1 x 8 Header and I set the pad properties like

Shape: Ellipse
Diameter: 0.9mm
Width: 1.3mm
Height: 1.3mm

Now I use this pattern in different PCB layouts, in PCB1 I want

diameter: 1.1mm
width: 1.6mm
height: 1.6mm

In PCB2 again i want different dimensions, how can i achieve that?

In past I have been achieving this by selecting pads and set default pattern properties OR by setting manual dimensions but problem with this approach is that I loose manually set parameter each time I update schematic changes.

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Re: Pads Pattern for different PCBs

#2 Post by Alex » 06 Oct 2021, 08:15

The quick solution is changing pad properties directly in PCB Layout and applying new pad sizes for similar pads. But it would be more correct to create and use two different patterns with different pad properties on PCB1 and PCB2.

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