DipTrace Team has the question to our users

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#121 Post by Batiskaff » 04 Jun 2021, 08:04

Bob Innes wrote:
28 May 2021, 15:00
Have to produce a 2-layer PCB with the Top layer Silkscreen, Bottom copper tracks, and pour. Firstly Diptrace says that the bottom color must be a reduced color opposed to the top color. Mine are the reverse way around - how do I change this? I am new to using Gerber files, looking through from the top side, the bottom layer looks the same. Do I assume that the Greber file for the bottom layer must NOT be "Mirrored" am I correct? Only text on the bottom must show through in a reversed mode.
I am 83 years old and have a problem understanding the technique of Gerber files.
An answer is here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=14092

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#122 Post by dmatkin » 17 Aug 2021, 12:45

JLCPCB library would be nice. Especially if it was done up to include their LCSC part numbers. Even a partial one would potentially be really nice for populating cheaper boards with some PCBA.

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#123 Post by Adonia » 01 Oct 2021, 03:06

Hello Diptrace team,
I am requesting to know how do i place a raspberrypi 4 in Diptrace schematic. I am designing a project which requires connection to the raspberrypi
Thank you

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#124 Post by Edgaras006 » 20 Dec 2021, 06:54

Standard libraries are great, but I would not put too much effort into that. You have made excellent (I would say the best on the market) for symbols and footprints creation. I would put more effort into adding features to symbols and footprints tools, importers/exporters, stability and performance optimizations.

However this questions was what to add, so I would say more flat packs and non leaded flat packs would be nice.

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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

#125 Post by Marathonman » 21 Mar 2022, 17:24

I am rather very disappointed with 4.2. the mouse pointer dragged over my project flashed wildly is to say the very least irritating as hell and with I could shut it off or turn it down. 2.4 did not do that. there are trace artifact that display across the screen on numerous occasions which is annoying. also I could design a board quickly in 2.4 in a day or so then send off to manufacture. now that basic components like all the cappr and others are non existent or they are all hidden god knows somewhere.
what used to be done in a day or two now takes a week and a half using the useless filter that usually comes back empty handed. so now I am reverting back to 2.4 to build a board then render in 4.2 because the Direct 3D in 2.4 lock up after the installation of 4.2. so in order to get 2.4 to act right I have to change the graphic mode to open GL every single time I use it. then when I do use 4.2 it studders . so again I have to go to graphic mode changing it back to Direct 3D.

another grip I have is the what 10 year old do you subcontract from designing your 3D parts. you would think spending hundreds of dollars on the software I could get a good 3D image of a fixed TB header. NOPE, not in DipTrace, all I get is a square black blob that sits on the PCB. unfortunately I like DipTrace compared to the other really annoying or lousy software out there.
so basically my questions would be.
1. what happened to the basic components especially the electrolytic caps ?
2. what is up with the drivers mangling 2.4's direct 3D ?
3. How on earth do I stop the really annoying flashing as the mouse is drug across the board design?
4. how to find basic components in filter. like To 220 comes up with 255 results not 220 ? or not at all. then I find them digging through the categories and wonder they did not show up in filter.

This might be in the wrong spot as "YES" this is my first day hear reading so please spare the hatchet.


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Re: DipTrace Team has the question to our users

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