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3D printing

Posted: 28 Feb 2019, 04:43
by sonali31
Where 3D printing can be used in civil engineering ?

Re: 3D printing

Posted: 01 Mar 2019, 08:04
by sonali31
D printing technology will dominate the world in the forth coming years. As you could see 3D printing is being effectively used in the field of automotive, aerospace and medical industry. Soon they will find the applicability of 3D printing in civil engineering too. In fact there were lot of research, majority of them at the initial stages, are going on based on the usage of 3D printed entities for construction.

The major advantage of 3D printing is that it reduces the amount invested on tools for manufacturing and the associated labour. Though the investment cost is high, it's one time and has the added advantage of wastage reduction at source.

For now, it has direct application in contour crafting, a construction process for making 3D printed homes. It is more of an gantry girder running over the entire building period lot to 3D print and fabricate. It has been found to be fast, less energy use and less or zero wastage.

It also works in accordance with BIM building information modeling , CAD/CAM technology to avoid rework.

However everything in construction are of large scale., and several factors comes in to play like., quality of the mortar, ( material used ) , workmanship, design for seismic activity. The equipment is also costly and requires skilled labour to operate and maintain.

The usage of 3D printing technology is at the primitive stage, in civil engineering field, and there is a lot to be explored.