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My small 3D models dump

Posted: 29 Dec 2021, 16:45
by SuppaTenko
Hi there. These models were made with Tinkercad and converted to wrl with happy3d. You need to import them in
Hope someone will find them useful. I'll try to add more models here when I make something new for my projects...

1) KT-1 soviet capacitors. Available in three colors - red, grey and blue. I used them for my CXA1538 tuner project.
2) KV109 societ varicap for the same project.
3) Dragon City ST-004M-02 6mm stereo-jack socket for microphone amplifier.
4) SL4515G-B100K fader for mixer project.
5) Old Soviet "Latvia" radiogramophone 9 pin noval tube sosket
(no more then 5 files allowed, so no preview. But this one is pretty good IMO =))

DL here: