need help to stencil parts om pc board.

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need help to stencil parts om pc board.

#1 Post by dss56 » 04 Jun 2019, 14:08

New to the forum.

Need some help.

I have been using DipTrace for about a year making small pc boards may be 2x2 in small quickie boards.
I have been making them manually by adding pads and traces not using the library for parts.

Measuring the parts I need and adding pads and traces for chips resistors and caps, diodes and holes for wires to be added to boards.

I cant seem to find a way to stencil part # to the boards with an oval for caps and resistor design for resistors, you know what I mean.

Can and how is there a way to stencil the board for parts and the value?
Can it be done how I mentioned manually not using the library to design the boards
Here is a board i made and is one I would like to add part stencil in white to it.

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