An Unusual Situation From LM5122

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An Unusual Situation From LM5122

#1 Post by KAKU » 08 Apr 2022, 22:53

When there is no load, the PWM HO and LO outputs will appear PWM periodically and briefly, accompanied by a whistle of the inductor. At this time, the input voltage will also have a downward peak value, and the output voltage will be unstable.
When loaded, the input voltage is no longer a constant level, but a regular sawtooth wave, and only when the input voltage waveform is lower than a certain value, the HO\LO pin will generate PWM, otherwise, it will not generate PWM, at this time the inductance whistle, the output voltage is a sawtooth wave in the opposite direction to the input voltage.
Here is the datasheet link: ... pb-7802861
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