"Software Radius". Best PCB Design Softwares List.

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"Software Radius". Best PCB Design Softwares List.

#1 Post by Serg » 06 Oct 2021, 04:53

Check out with a list of popular PCB Design Softwares.
The description for each of them is available by links.

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Re: "Software Radius". Best PCB Design Softwares List.

#2 Post by KevinA » 07 Oct 2021, 11:38

Under CONS for DipTrace I posted the following reply at their web site comments:

Under CONS for DipTrace you listed two:
DipTrace doesn't offer adequate features related to supply chain or production? What are you talking about? DT produces BOM that can be customized, for export of design they have four major formats supported by PCB manufactures!

A low level of hardware and GPU acceleration leads to the software running slowly during resource-intensive tasks? This is the same with any 3D / Complex software program, you appear to be looking for something to use as a CON!

On the users forum at DipTrace I read posts of users complaining and ask what hardware they have, either old (4 years or older) or under resourced portables meant to be used as web browsers or light word processing. When working with 3D objects or routing complex PCB's if you expect instant response then you need to updated hardware designed for 3D editing.

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