45 degree wires in schematic?

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Re: 45 degree wires in schematic?

#11 Post by Buddude » 03 Apr 2021, 18:48

The original ACCEL-EDA and P-CAD (and good old DOS Orcad) had a wire routing orthoganality feature / command where, in the process of routing the wire, you could press the 'O' key and toggle between right-angle over-then-down or down-then-over or 45-degree or unconstrained-angle (point to point) routing on the fly. It made routing wires very fast and efficient.

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Re: 45 degree wires in schematic?

#12 Post by ken.howard » 03 Apr 2021, 20:25

I’d like to see this too, I do a lot of design with inductors and transformers, and sometimes you need to show a crossover this way to make it clear what’s actually going on. It would also be nice to be able to rotate components similarly, eg to clearly show topologies like diode bridge -v- diode ring

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Re: 45 degree wires in schematic?

#13 Post by sir1963 » 20 Jun 2021, 22:56

Google "2 Transistor astable multivibrator" and look at the schematic.
The schematic is much cleaner with the 45° lines than it would be without.

Another example is to be able to show a twisted pair cable, used to have a diagram of an old super-het receiver that used a twisted pair to create a small variable capacitor so that the feedback could be optimised.

There are good reasons why 45° lines are a good thing .

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Re: 45 degree wires in schematic?

#14 Post by mpaalanen » 24 Jun 2021, 16:49

Here is one more vote for the 45 degree lines. Good arguments have been made why those are desirable so i will not flog the horse any more.
Those who are opposed won't be forced to use it once available, so nobody loses anything.
Please do consider implementing this - how hard can it be?

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Re: 45 degree wires in schematic?

#15 Post by Alex » 25 Jun 2021, 06:34

We know that this would be nice feature and we plan to implement it in the future.

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Re: 45 degree wires in schematic?

#16 Post by gunrunnerjohn » 16 Mar 2023, 17:07

RDC wrote:
12 Jan 2013, 19:01
Fair enough as an option, that's by default turned off.

As far as having to criss-cross anything that isn't in the layout you need to do it with straight lines though, that's why there is a component editor, and pin numbers can be shown as well. ;)
I hope this was a joke! Having to edit a component because you think diagonal lines look silly isn't a valid reason!

Apparently, Eagle didn't think it was silly, their schematic capture has that capability. This is a good example of it's use.
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