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Multi-part components not working right

Posted: 22 Jan 2017, 21:08
by inventorgeorge
I created a part - a quad amplifier in a single package. No problem there.

My schematic uses 4 of these parts. I laid out the schematic, now I am trying to rearrange the designations so I get best use of the quad packages.
In one case, I set an amp to be U1.3. That shows up in the properties box. But in the schematic, is shows as U1.4.
MY part 1 has the power connections, but in the schematic, I have a part 2 showing, and it shows the power.
I am unable to force the schematic to show the parts I want them to be.
Can anyone straighten me out on how to select which part I want a particular mp to be?
I would really appreciate the input!

Re: Multi-part components not working right

Posted: 23 Jan 2017, 09:57
by Alex
There is "Part RefDes" option in component properties. It is active for multi-part components. Here you can override default part RefDes. But notice, this won't change part itself, this only changes number after point.