Bus net names

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Bus net names

#1 Post by unshaven » 01 Apr 2017, 10:20

Hey there,

just trying out the relatively new bus feature.
So I place a bus connector, then lay out a bus through the schematic and connect it to the connector.

Then I have a few components on a sheet, I interconnect a few of them, which creates nets, but those nets are not very meaningful or complete yet, so I don't care about their names yet, the bus will help that later.

So now I connect wires from "taps" of interconnections (nets) of those components to the bus, and the dialog that pops up for every bus connection offers me to enter a net name.
Then I hit enter, to see that my just given name was ignored, and the "intermediate" net name used instead - because the net existed already, although it was not part of the bus yet.

If this behavior is not changeable by options, I'd suggest a change here, as it's IMHO not optimal how it is right now. (I know you can connect wires from pins without existing nets to the bus and hence create new nets this way - that'd be *one* use of this dialog, please bear with me)

Labor steps can be saved if it would work like I apparently expected it to work from my above description. As I could omit the step to name the "intermediate" nets in extra steps when connecting the components. That I can enter a name in the bus connection dialog means it could save those extra net naming clicks - the clicks to connect to bus have to be done anyway - the net naming before not necessarily!
The fact that I do indeed enter a new net name instead of selecting one bus net name from the list of the dialog to connect the wire to should be hint enough for the program to know what I want here, right?

Does this make sense?

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