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Net names keep changing in schematic entry

Posted: 22 May 2018, 12:15
by wmerz01
I'm having a problem with the net names in the schematic entry phase of my design I keep getting the ground net assigned to signal nets. especially with ports. How do I prevent this from happening?? Is there some setting I'm missing?? this has been very frustrating my design consists of 3 ics and some passive components. It is a simple thing, not very complicated, but this net thing is driving me nuts! Any suggestions on where to look would be greatly appreciated. I have attached the schematic file.

Re: Net names keep changing in schematic entry

Posted: 23 May 2018, 05:49
by Tomg
This is a common trap for DipTrace users and is, in my opinion, a program flaw that needs to be fixed.

When placing another instance of a Net Port with the same name, you need to rename it before connecting it to a net --- otherwise it will, without warning, secretly merge the net you just connected it to with another net that happens to be connected to a different Net Port having the same name. However, once you rename your new Net Port, running the Update from Library tool will produce a warning that it can't be updated (the new Net Port name cannot be found in the library).

I think Novarm could fix this Net Port flaw by connecting Net Ports by net name, not Net Port name. Also, its Main Marking should automatically display the name of the net it is connected to. When not connected to a net, its Main Marking should display "not connected". And since the actual Net Port name hasn't changed, the Update from Library tool will not have a problem finding it in the library.

Re: Net names keep changing in schematic entry

Posted: 23 May 2018, 09:19
by Alex
There are two netports with the same name "Port". One netports is connected to Bat - and GND, second netport to amp output. These wire are automatically connected to the same net due to netport nature. User should rename one of these netport. Once it is done, the wires will be automatically disconnected to two nets.

Re: Net names keep changing in schematic entry

Posted: 23 May 2018, 11:26
by Tomg
Be careful. Renaming one of the two connected Net Ports in the manner that Alex suggests will assign a new net name to one of the wires during the separation process and it might also give the other wire the "wrong" recycled net name. You will have to manually rename at least one of the affected nets to satisfy your needs.