Struggling to Print Schematic Correctly

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Struggling to Print Schematic Correctly

#1 Post by rfdes » 11 Aug 2018, 10:52

Hi -
I'm fairly new with Diptrace (using V3.2.0.1) and am having issues getting my schematics scaled properly to 11x17 paper.

Using 'Titles and Sheet Setup'
Selected the default 'C' size template and made sure the show 'Sheet' and 'Zone' check boxes are clicked. I also select the 11x17 paper size even though the 'C' template is used. A warning comes up claiming the software will scale the schematic. The schematics looks great, visually, from the schematic editor windows. However, getting the entire schematic (including the zones) to scale to 11x17 paper has been difficult. I've used the Print Preview window to review, but I sometimes (not all the time) I get an error message that the schematic does not fit on the paper. Sure enough, the schematic is not scaled as I expect it.

So, in short, I'm confused. Many places to 'scale' the image but my knowledge of the correct procedure appears to be faulty. I need someones help.
All in all:
  • I want to use a 'C' size template to draw the schematic
  • I want to print this to 11x17 paper with both the schematic AND the zone information properly scaled.
Your help would be appreciated.

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Re: Struggling to Print Schematic Correctly

#2 Post by NEDurnan » 11 Feb 2020, 14:32

I realize this is an old post, but I'm a new user too and have been struggling with similar issues. The only way I've been able to get things to print the way I want them (C-size drawing printed on B-size paper) is to print it to a C-sized PDF first, then print the PDF on B-size paper. But I'm still struggling with portrait-vs-landscape when printing my C-size PDF. What shows up in the print preview window and what actually ends up in the PDF seem to be backwards.

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Re: Struggling to Print Schematic Correctly

#3 Post by PaulNewf » 11 Mar 2020, 13:51

I've found it useful to print to pdf file, then resize when I print the pdf. I use primopdf for this.
Typically a schematic "sheet" has the signature and info block in the corner so is fixed paper size.

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Re: Struggling to Print Schematic Correctly

#4 Post by tbob » 04 Feb 2021, 14:57

I have used the print to PDF technique on other schematics in the past. For my current project, I have imported Eagle schematics that I modified and added several pages to. Unfortunately, I can't get the schematic to print. The print area is a very long way from where my schematic sits on the grid. I have tried dragging the schematic to the page location but it won't remain there. The default page orientation seems to be portrait; so, even if I could get my schematic to the print area, it still wouldn't fit. I have tried resetting the origin to just below my schematic on each page but the print preview still shows the page miles from the schematic. I'm supposed to be hosting a design review for folks who don't have Diptrace but no one can see my work since I can't send them files to review. Do you have suggestions for fixing this issue?

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Re: Struggling to Print Schematic Correctly

#5 Post by Alex » 08 Feb 2021, 09:52

Please open print preview, click on X icon and drag schematic inside the sheet. If necessary, you can adjust print scale to fit whole schematic on the sheet. Then print it out.
If you want to change page orientation open "File -> Titles and Sheet Setup" and change sheet size. Then open print preview and move the schematic.

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