Part Definition?

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Part Definition?

#1 Post by Brent » 06 Jun 2019, 19:13

There are a large number of parts in the DipTrace components database. But I still spend the majority of my schematic capture time just searching for, and creating new parts. It's extremely time-consuming.

In many cases, it might be faster to create footprints with a small #pins from scratch, rather than search for several minutes trying to find them, then finding that over 95% of the time, that part doesn't exist, and many times, the footprint doesn't either.

Is there an expectation that each user spend a significant portion of their time searching for and defining footprints? Or are there some techniques I'm missing that could improve the success rate of utilizing the work of others in this regard?

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Re: Part Definition?

#2 Post by Tomg » 10 Jun 2019, 10:55

Few people fully trust the included libraries regardless of the cost of the software package. Other third party libraries have the potential to be even less reliable than the included libraries. Most large electronics firms build and maintain their own libraries to meet particular requirements. Use the included DipTrace libraries as a starting point, always double check each component against the official datasheet and, if you don't like the supplied pattern/component design, modify it to suit your expectations and save it to a custom library. Your vetted custom library is the most important part of the PCB design process. Protect it with backups.

Here's an example of differing opinions between PCB designers (follow this link - ... ic-symbols) which points to a PDF recommending a schematic symbols "standard". Read the typical discussion in the comments section directly below the PDF. (It may take a few seconds for the comments section to appear.)

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