Schematic ibraries...

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Schematic ibraries...

#1 Post by Cactusface » 30 Aug 2010, 14:26

Hi All,
My first time here! I'm one of the PicAxe lot, you know small very useful micro controllers in 8 to 40 pin Dip and other footprints. I have managed to make a few schematic parts myself, but I come unstuck when I try to save them to myLib. I usually end up changing the lib name..... Or loose them somewhere else and a library search still will not find them. ... c1e63197ce#

1) So can I create a library just by naming a file?? like Mylib.eli
2) Also when I have completed my part, just how do I save it to THAT library there seems to be a few options in the library tab or save??
3) Sure I need to know more.....

Hoping some one can help.
Kind regards

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Re: Schematic ibraries...

#2 Post by Alex » 31 Aug 2010, 07:26

1. You can create library from Component/Pattern editors using "Library/ Save as" tools from main menu. Then specify library name and hint (they will be displayed on library bar) and file name.
2. You should open that library in editor first, add new blank component/pattern to list and create it. Then save the library.
3. There are tutorial ( and video guided tour ( available.

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