Export to Orcad or Protel

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Export to Orcad or Protel

#1 Post by kalbun » 18 Nov 2010, 15:05

One of our customers asked us to prepare the schematics with Orcad or Protel. I would like to use Diptrace instead, and then export in a compatible format.
I reckon that P-CAD ASCII could be the right format, but I am not sure. Moreover, I attempted to export and re-import a P-CAD file with Diptrace, and the result is far below expectation: component values, IC pin names and other valuable data are lost during the import.

Import/export functionality is, in my opinion, very important, and maybe it was underestimated so far. If I am not able to solve this issue, I will be obliged to move to a different software - at least for this project.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Export to Orcad or Protel

#2 Post by Alex » 19 Nov 2010, 08:24

Please send schematic file to support@diptrace.com, we will investigate it and let you know reason of the problem.

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