Splitting up a net

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Splitting up a net

#1 Post by DanMc » 01 Dec 2010, 09:38

I had a net in my schematic that I split by inserting a resistor. After the net is split up, both sides of the resistor still have the same name, and one side of the resistor still shows that it's connected to components that it should not be.

It concerns me that the netlist seems to be able to have connections that are not reflected by the graphic schematic. This is a scary thing since what's on the screen is what I understand the schematic to be, not some hidden associations, or labels that are not displayed.

Am I correct with what I'm saying here?

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Re: Splitting up a net

#2 Post by Alex » 01 Dec 2010, 10:30

Hi Dan,
The net has "Connect nets by name" option selected (see net properties). When you split the net in two parts, both parts have the same name.
Unselect the option in net properties and try again. This time both parts of the net should have different names.

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