New to DipTrace - basic "port"/"net" symbols for pins

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New to DipTrace - basic "port"/"net" symbols for pins

#1 Post by MJHanagan » 29 Apr 2012, 16:44

Hi everyone - I am new to DipTrace and my only previous experience with schematic drawing software is by way of ExpressPCB Schematic. I am having a hard time figuring out how to recreate the equivalent to a "Port" symbol in DipTrace. In ExpressPCB you could pick a "Port" symbol and place it on the sheet then double click it and type in a "Net" name. You could then place another port symbol on another sheet and also enter in the same net name thereby connecting the two without a wire.

I am sure DipTrace can do the same I'm just having a hard time figuring out how to accomplish the same thing.

I am working with these Parallax Propeller chips so want to create a sheet that contains the header connectors for all 32 I/O pins (two 16-pin headers) plus connectors for Vin, V3.3, V5.0 and GND (4-pin connector). Then on other sheets I want to draw the specific circuits and be able to quickly place I/O pin symbols and connect to specific pin numbers (i.e. 0-31). I am sure there is a very simpe way to do this but I cannot figure it out yet.


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Re: New to DipTrace - basic "port"/"net" symbols for pins

#2 Post by novarm44 » 02 May 2012, 02:27

There are several ways of connecting without wires in DipTrace, including netports. Net-port is actually library part with "Net Port" type. Standard net ports are collected in Port_Sch library. See "Connecting" in tutorial (Additional features) to learn how to use them.

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Re: New to DipTrace - basic "port"/"net" symbols for pins

#3 Post by womai » 03 Jun 2012, 04:32

Yes, I have been a long time user of ExpressSCH/ExpressPCB as well and really like the way they implemented ports. Diptrace is a bit different in this respect. To connect two points in the schematic without a wire between them you can do several differen things:

- rename the respective nets to the same name (watch out - it's case sensitive, so my_net is not the same a My_Net) - Diptrace then asks you whether you want to merge the two nets.

- use "connect without wire" and select the net to connect to. Works only on device pins that do not have anything connected to them.

- Use a net port. The easiest to get one is use one of the existing ports (e.g. "VCC"), open its properties and change the type, e.g. to "my_new_net". The use copy/paste to duplicate this new net port. All nets connected to a copy of this new port will get connected to each other. You can also create a new net port in the component editor (again, the easiest is to start out with one of the existing net ports, like "VCC"). If you want, change its shape to look like the pointed rectangle port in ExpressSCH. Then use it the same way, i.e. for each new port just assign a new type in the properties. You want to turn on display of the type in properties as well so it's easy to see in the schematic; for that, open properties, go to "markings" tab --> additional markings --> choose "Type" and location "Center".

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Re: New to DipTrace - basic "port"/"net" symbols for pins

#4 Post by Alex » 05 Jun 2012, 08:44

DipTrace has some peculiarities but all ways to connect pins without wires work.

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