File Sharing among multiple users

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File Sharing among multiple users

#1 Post by arbush » 14 Jan 2013, 11:15

Hello - I'm new to DipTrace and trying to evaluate for professional use and hence have the 30 day full featured trial. I have a work computer and home computer I'm editing schematics and layouts on (completely different user names and computer names and OS'es). I've come across an issue where DipTrace will not let me save over my file created on my work computer with my updates made on my home computer. What is the expected usage method for this situation? I know I could keep making multiple files and copy them in and out, etc, but that seems like a pretty clumsy solution.

FYI, my work computer is running Windows7 Ultimate, 64 bit and my home computer is running Windows8 Home, 64 bit.

-- 16 Jan 2013, 07:40 --

Just a quick update: this issue appears to be fixed with release

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Re: File Sharing among multiple users

#2 Post by TANK » 27 Mar 2013, 19:24

I a saw a diptrace video on Youtube, I think the user was using dropbox to keep his files..... see ......... I'm not sure how that works, since I've never used it myself. I think you can sync a folder on your computer.

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