Move part, etc to new sheet: change sheet

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Move part, etc to new sheet: change sheet

#1 Post by bruhnstv » 14 Jan 2013, 19:16

I just did a search in the program help text for "move sheet" and didn't find out how to move a part from one sheet to another. A search in the forums gave me a hint that it was possible, but didn't say quite how. Problem is that it's called "change sheet" and it appears you have to enter that into the help search to find it. (Select a component or shape or table, right-click, select "change sheet," select the sheet you want to move it to.)

I'm posting this simply in the hope that it will save someone else some searching time.

(Prior to Ver2.3, I would place a component with many parts on one sheet, then "cut" a part and "paste" it to a different sheet, but it would then have a different reference designator, so what started as multiple parts of a single component ended up as several components -- that was frustrating! Thanks for implementing the "change sheet" function.)

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Re: Move part, etc to new sheet: change sheet

#2 Post by Alex » 16 Jan 2013, 09:42

It works exactly as described in the help. The option is in object submenu, see my picture.
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