Incorrect schematic symbols for LT3028

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Incorrect schematic symbols for LT3028

#1 Post by ratcrow » 30 Mar 2013, 09:34

I've just started trying out DipTrace (freeware 2-layer) by trying to recapture some existing schematics. I believe I've found an error in one of the first schematic symbols I pulled up, which is for an LT3028 dual LDO. The same pinouts were used in DipTrace for two different packages (TSSOP-16 and DHC-16) even though these are supposed to be different.

I don't see a better forum to post library errors on, so if this is the wrong spot please direct me to the right one.

The DipTrace library has the following pin assignments for LT3028EFE, LT3028IFE, LT3028IDHC, and LT3028EDHC:

1: BYP1
2: NC
3: OUT1
4: OUT1
5: GND
6: OUT2
7: OUT2
8: BYP2
9: ADJ2
10: SHDN2
11: IN2
12: IN2
13: IN1
14: IN1
15: SHDN1
16: ADJ1
17 (pad): GND

This appears to be correct for the LT3028IDHC and LT3028EDHC. However, according to the datasheet ( the pinouts for the TSSOP-16 package (LT3028EFE and LT3028IFE) are:
1: GND
2: BYP1
3: OUT1
4: OUT1
5: GND
6: OUT2
7: BYP2
8: GND
9: GND
10: ADJ2
11: SHDN2
12: IN1
13: IN1
14: SHDN1
15: ADJ1
16: GND
17 (pad): GND

To aid the comparison, here are the schematic symbols shown in DipTrace and the corresponding diagrams in the datasheet:
What is the proper way to document library errors like this?
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Re: Incorrect schematic symbols for LT3028

#2 Post by Alex » 01 Apr 2013, 08:52

Thank you for the report. We confirm the wrong pin numbers and will fix it in future versions.

If you face with similar problem in future you can report it to bug reports or library related topics.

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