Components Grouping and Moving on other layers

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Components Grouping and Moving on other layers

#1 Post by amit_in » 29 Jul 2021, 13:51

I am using diptrace 4.1.3 , my board has components on top and bottom layer , when i select few components on top side and group them , components just beneath them on bottom layer
are also grouped with them , i can select a component beneath on bottom layer , and select "ungroup" the selection on top side is also ungrouped then , also when i move the grouped parts on top layer the parts beneath them also move, Even if the parts on top layer are not grouped and i select more than one components on top layer and try to move them , parts below them on bottom layer also move ,
This selection , grouping and movement of components should be effective on only the layer currently being worked on and not on the other side of board or other layers , is there a setting that decides this .

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Re: Components Grouping and Moving on other layers

#2 Post by Alex » 30 Jul 2021, 04:24

Please change layer display mode to "Current Only". Now you can see one layer (top or bottom). And you can select visible components on active layer only.

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