Panelization with custom tabs

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Panelization with custom tabs

#1 Post by dmaxben » 27 Apr 2022, 13:50


When using the panelization tool, is it possible to move/position each tab individually? The panelization tool by default places the vertical and horizontal tabs on the same X/Y coordinates. This does not work with my board layout.

Alternatively, is it possible to just add custom tabs with the "objects panelizing" patterns/components?

I tried setting the panelization tool to 0,0 for tab count (so it wont automatically create any tabs) and then placed my own tab objects...however I cant place a break in the tab routing board outline when Diptrace creates/exports gerber files. If I send these gerber files as-is to a PCB manufacturer, the board will get completely cutout.

Is it possible to have a combination of V-scoring and tab-routing when panelizing?

I have attached pictures...
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Re: Panelization with custom tabs

#2 Post by Alex » 11 May 2022, 04:59

It is not possible to move each tab individually.

You can use V-Scoring instead Tab routing. Then add board cutouts between boards manually. After that add mouse bites on the tabs.

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