Copy a pour to another layer

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Copy a pour to another layer

#1 Post by Exality » 05 Oct 2017, 13:41

I want to copy a copper pour to another layer as-is. If I select the pour, do Copy, change the current signal/plane layer to the target layer, and Paste, it pastes on top of the existing pour on the original layer, not the current layer.

I've found if I do exactly this and then Change Layer on one of the two pour copies it works fine. This seems pretty inelegant though! Is there a better way?

(PS -- this seems to be true of other objects also; they paste to their original layer rather than to the current layer.)

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Re: Copy a pour to another layer

#2 Post by Tomg » 05 Oct 2017, 14:21

Exality wrote:"...Is there a better way?..."
Not that I am aware of. If you paste using Ctrl + V the copy will be offset from the original, making it a little easier to select for a layer change.

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