Where is the best place made to PCB board?

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Where is the best place made to PCB board?

#1 Post by richardstephens » 13 Aug 2019, 04:21

Hi there,

Does anyone tell me, I have seen a few site that sell PCB boards them, but I am not sure, which is the best? If you have an any ideas please suggest to me.

Thanks lot

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Re: Where is the best place made to PCB board?

#2 Post by KevinA » 14 Aug 2019, 13:05

There is a lot to consider: How many PCB's? Layer Count? Size? Complexity (6 layer with parts on both sides and very-small-vias)? Shipping and build time required? US built vs China?
For One of a Kind prototype I use OSHpark.com -On small PCB their price and shipping/build times are great - PCBWay (China) and Bay Area are the default in Diptrace both offer great service and boards for production runs.

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Re: Where is the best place made to PCB board?

#3 Post by gdvalet » 14 Aug 2019, 18:00

Hello, My 2 cents.
I agree with the DipTrace (Built in). Also, if your PCB has SMT components and you want a Stencil made, just (Export your files & Drill holes, Zip up) and send it to the China Company (www.PCBway.com) separately and receive them both at the same time within a week in most cases. I've done about 10 orders and they are DIRT CHEAP and ALL PCB's have worked....Per design. Two (2) layer, 320 pins, 3 x 4, 15 through holes, 60 + SMT's, Parallax SMT 48 pin MC...now obsolete. Never a PCB failure. I have 60% or more of pins marked with small text and some of those are blurry. But it is small print (silk screen).

Kind of weird/different when placing a order on their web page. Mostly straight forward, but, I did order a Stencil with the FRAME by mistake one time. The screen is default to FRAME....Don't like that. Once you move on to the next page, there is a chat option and you have to WAIT for the file to be accepted...GOOD up load, before it will be excepted and then you pay....Late night ordering...That can be frustrating, just sat there waiting. But, just connect with the Chat and copy over your DISPLAYED order number and they will push it through.....lesson learned the hard way.
Now if I place the order from there Webpage with/Stencil, I copy over the order #'s and do the chat.....Also I did open an account and place some money to expedite the process.

If no Stencil is needed just Order from Diptrace.....QTY 5 is the minimum, plus shipping.....DIRT CHEAP!!!

Also, I like www.FirstPCB.com.....Last I checked, NO Stencil.

my 2 cents

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Re: Where is the best place made to PCB board?

#4 Post by RushPCB.Com » 09 Oct 2019, 17:11

There are many PCB manufacturers offer services, before starting working work with any company, must go through the reviews and work samples.
Rush PCB | Rush PCB UK
Rush Pcb is the #1 pcb manufacturer.

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Re: Where is the best place made to PCB board?

#5 Post by fluxanode » 11 Oct 2019, 15:57

Any advice on making proto boards in small quantities, say one or two boards? Cheap with a quick turn (I know cheap and quick don't always go together).

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Re: Where is the best place made to PCB board?

#6 Post by rick.curl » 15 Jan 2020, 16:32

If you go to https://pcbshopper.com you can quickly compare the cost between 23 PCB manufacturers.


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Re: Where is the best place made to PCB board?

#7 Post by PaulNewf » 27 Feb 2020, 16:48

I've used both APC (Alberta Printer Circuits) and PCBWay with success.
Both have deals for low quantity quick turn.

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Re: Where is the best place made to PCB board?

#8 Post by Joeyer » 28 Feb 2020, 04:31

I have had several PCBs made by ALLPCB in China, and plan to take it as my future PCB manufacturer. If you need high quality and superior service, ALLPCB advance PCB is your best choice. I am 200% satisfied with ALLPCB servicing and PCB quality. Highly recommend!

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