Rotating components Text Upside Down

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Rotating components Text Upside Down

#1 Post by sonolink » 20 Jun 2020, 11:54

I just upgraded to v.4 from version
When rotating a component in PCB Layout the label used to stay upright. Now it doesn't. It rotates with the component. Is there a way to configure it to behave like in v.3? Schematic Capture v4 doesn't have this problem.


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Re: Rotating components Text Upside Down

#2 Post by MarkF » 24 Jun 2020, 11:30

Yes positioning of PCB component text is very annoying now.
The work-around I have found is to use "Position" instead of the normal justification choices.
With the"Position" selection you can select the reference point and text rotation angle.

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Re: Rotating components Text Upside Down

#3 Post by matttay » 27 Jun 2020, 13:19

This has also made its way into the schematic layout too. If you rotate a netport the voltage is left upside down. On the left is a rotated netport with upside down text. On the right is a unrotated netport.

Diptrace, please please please go back to the way this was for both PCB and schematic.
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