Gerber files

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Gerber files

#1 Post by Batiskaff » 02 Jun 2021, 07:05

Have to produce a 2-layer PCB with the Top layer Silkscreen, Bottom copper tracks, and pour. Firstly Diptrace says that the bottom color must be a reduced color opposed to the top color. Mine are the reverse way around - how do I change this? I am new to using Gerber files, looking through from the top side, the bottom layer looks the same. Do I assume that the Greber file for the bottom layer must NOT be "Mirrored" am I correct? Only text on the bottom must show through in a reversed mode.
I am 83 years old and have a problem understanding the technique of Gerber files.


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Re: Gerber files

#2 Post by Alex » 04 Jun 2021, 03:31

You can change layer color if necessary. You can do it on layer setup or click on color box on the layers tab to choose different color.
You see bottom layer through the board as if you had x-ray vision. Normally you don't need to mirror bottom gerber files. It's ok that bottom text looks like in a reverse mode.

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Re: Gerber files

#3 Post by scfaria » 17 Jun 2021, 16:37

I'm no expert when it comes to using the DipTrace tool, but I can tell you that the tool comes with a pdf document that is a very good tutorial. To me a few points in the tutorial about making a PCB design were a little overkill, like the part where one can make a portion of the PCB a 'not used area' which I had no use for and skipped over this part of the tutorial. I went through the whole project setting up my own schematic, not the example schematic, and then converted it to a PC layout, which by default was a 2 layer, top and bottom, setup. I did the automatic layout and this suited my project so KISS! As far as the colors are concerned, who cares? The PCB doesn't come with colors. They just make it easier to see the various layers when they are shown overlapped in the board views. As a matter of fact I just made a pour on the top board and didn't care about the bottom board. All I wanted a pour for was to create a ground plane, so why have 2. I did download a freebie copy of ViewMate from the PentaLogic site. This tool is easy to use to view the Gerber files that you want to download to a PCB manufacturer. Makes you feel confident that you are ordering the right thing.

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