How can ratlines be removed?

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How can ratlines be removed?

#1 Post by artemisclark » 21 Jun 2022, 22:58


The mouseover features in Edit Traces is very useful in that it shows quickly
and intuitively which pads are connected.

But there seem to be ratlines left over from previous operations (what operations?)
that connect networks that are not connected by traces which is quite misleading.

Have read several posts about copper 'unpours' and "Component Internal Wire"
that don't offer much useable info.

How can ratlines be removed?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Re: How can ratlines be removed?

#2 Post by electrowiz » 23 Jun 2022, 11:34

This question can be interpreted a few ways:
1) How do I resolve unconsumed ratlines?
Ratlines are typically "consumed" when there exists a copper connection between the two nodes. The connection can be made with a trace or a copper pour. If a copper pour is not "updated", then it will usually show unconsumed ratlines. Going to "objects" --> "update all copper pours" should fix the problem.

2) How do I make ratlines invisible?
From the "objects" tab (not the "objects" menu) un select the check boxed called ratlines. They will no longer be visible.

3) The connection should not exist
If you actually want to delete the ratline, what you are saying is that you don't want the two nodes on the same net. For that I would adjust the schematic so the nodes are connected to wires that have different net names.

Probably #1 is what you are asking.

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