DRC red circles

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DRC red circles

#1 Post by dayv3 » 25 Jan 2023, 00:06

I made a board that has a potentiometer mounted on the back side of the board (soldered in on the top side) with a bottom silk silhouette showing its location on the back.
Most of the parts are thru hole and placed on the top side of the board. The solder locations, on the back side, that touch the blue bottom silk get a red circle around them telling me about the error.
Other then the thru hole pin touching the bottom silk there is nothing wrong with them. My question is, what do I do about this problem?
Do I have to remove the bottom silk? Does the fab start and stop the bottom silk where the pins come thru when they make the board? Do I have to edit the bottom silk to
make it start and stop at the needed locations? Do/ Does ....?

I looked to find an answer before coming here but, was unsuccessful.
If anyone has any experience with this issue I would appreciate it if they would touch back and share their experience.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: DRC red circles

#2 Post by Tomg » 25 Jan 2023, 09:20

Most of the time the board house will trim any silkscreening that conflicts with a solder joint, but it's best practice to do it yourself and not have to rely on them trimming it for you.
In the pattern editor there is a tool for trimming the silkscreen away from pads (main menu > Objects > Remove Silk from Pads...), which may also have a hotkey combination assigned. Use it to fix your custom patterns and then follow DipTrace's manual forward propagation process to update everything (Pattern Editor > Component Editor > Schematic Editor > PCB Layout editor).

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